Apartment Couch Cleaning New Jersey

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Apartment Couch Cleaning New Jersey

I’ve only had my apartment for two years. However, my couch has been with me since I was a senior in college. Recently, I noticed how dirty and worn out it is. I love my couch, and I really don’t want to throw it out. Plus, I’m still paying my college loans so I don’t exactly have money to buy a new one.

What did I do? I called an upholstery cleaning company to do the job. While I didn’t have money to spare for a new couch, the couch cleaning service Green Choice Carpet Cleaners offer is a bargain. Plus, I didn’t have the slightest clue how to clean it.

As a fresh grad with a hectic schedule, here are the benefits I got from Green Choice Carpet Cleaner’s upholstery cleaning service:

They helped me save a lot of time! I found it really hard to keep up with my chores with everything that’s on my plate. I called Green Choice Carpet Cleaners to do the job and they arrived right on time. The cleaning technicians started right after their manager explained what needs to be done to me. I didn’t have to do anything at all! They came on time and completed the job on time as well.

I got a brand new-looking couch- it was almost as if I bought a new one. The cleaning crew worked swiftly so I was surprised with the amount of dirt and grime they pulled off my couch. My couch also smelled clean and fresh after it completely dried, there were no strong chemical smells. And because my couch looks so new again, I figured that it will last for a couple more years.

Stain-proof couch- the upholstery cleaning package I got also included application of a stain-proofing solution. They applied it to my couch after they finished cleaning it. Their cleaning solution was especially made for the fabric used on my couch, so it will repel stains and dirt without damaging the couch’s fabric or color. Like I said, my couch looked great when they finished!

Choose Green Choice Carpet Cleaners

Choose Green Choice Carpet Cleaners, like I did for my couch. The quality of their upholstery cleaning NYC service is superb and they don’t leave any stains untreated. They also use organic cleaning solutions that are very effective in removing dirt but are not harmful to me and my pet.

Their cleaning team is professional and courteous. One look on their team and I immediately know that they’re experienced in what they’re doing. Their work is very organized and they didn’t miss any spot in my couch. They cleaned every spot of it.

For professional and reliable upholstery cleaning New Jersey service, I trust Green Choice Carpet Cleaners. Give them a call at 732-907-1386.

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