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Professional Mattress Cleaning in New Jersey

Is your mattress dirty and you want to finally give it a cleaning? Call Green Choice Carpet of New Jersey and consider it done. We use a powerful green cleaning process that removes dust, stains and odors and we only use green cleaning products for a safe, non-toxic cleaning. A clean mattress can help you sleep while a dirty mattress can keep you from getting a peaceful sleep, especially if it has a bad odor. You can try to vacuum your mattress to remove dust but that will only clean the surface of it. The dust will remain inside the cushion and continue to build up. Stains and odors in a mattress can only be removed by a professional cleaning that penetrates deep into the cushion and professional equipment that can extract the stains and odors. Bedbugs and parasites are a nightmare and our cleaning will help remove them and their eggs. We all need a good night’s sleep and our service for mattress cleaning in New Jersey is a big first step for a long and peaceful sleep every night.

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The Benefits of Green Choice Mattress Cleaning

Green Choice Carpet of New Jersey not only offers excellent mattress cleaning, but we have some of the lowest prices you will find. Call us and ask for our latest discounts and coupons to save you even more off our low prices. We also offer a wide range of cleaning solutions for your mattress including sanitizing, deodorizing, and pet odor removal. We are dedicated to our customers and we will make sure you get the best mattress cleaning and also the best deal for it.

How We Steam Clean a Mattress

Even if you regularly vacuum your mattress, you should still use a professional mattress cleaner at least once a year. Why? Because unlike a vacuum, our steam cleaning can reach deep into the mattress to extract dirt, odors and kill bacteria and bedbugs. If you have allergies or asthma, our steam cleaning process can help reduce and alleviate the severity and frequency of asthma and allergy symptoms. For our cleaning, we use a powerful hot water extraction machine that injects a green cleaning solution into your mattress that kills the bacteria and lifts up the dirt and stains for extraction by our powerful vacuums. Because we clean beneath the surface, we can remove hair, and dead skill cells which provide food for bed bugs. We will also sanitize and kill the bacteria in your bedding which can cause odors and create an unhealthy environment. If your mattress has blood, wine, urine and other difficult stains, our spotting experts will get them out. When we are finished, your mattress will look and smell clean and fresh again.

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