GreenChoice Upholstery Cleaning

Green Choice Carpet of New Jersey specializes in the cleaning and repair of oriental and Persian rugs. We offer a variety of services that cater to the needs of each individual rug. Our licensed technicians are trained to know what is best for each rug that is brought to our facility. Some of the services we offer include deep cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing, mold and mildew treatment, as well as hand washing.

Why not clean my rug in my home?

When Green Choice of New Jersey picks up your rug for cleaning, it allows us to treat your rug according to what it needs. For example, a handmade oriental rug with a vegetable dye cannot receive a generic cleaning. It must be hand washed as not to damage the material and so we can ensure that the colors do not bleed. Allowing us to provide service at our facility helps Green Choice Carpet of New Jersey to guarantee you the best cleaning possible. We also offer free pickup, free delivery and a speedy turn around for your convenience.

Repair & Padding

Our repair department can handle most any repair. Common repairs include binding repair, replacement of backing, adding or taking away fringes and restorations. All of the repair work done at our facility is finished in a timely manner and is completed with precision and care. We also offer padding. There are different options for each type of rug. Padding helps to secure you rug once laid down. It also keeps it from sliding, especially on hard wood floors!

Material used for cleaning

Here at Green Choice Carpet of New Jersey, all of the products we use are GREEN and Eco friendly. Our cleaning processes and services do not include chemicals. The benefits of this are abundant. Not only is the lack of chemicals beneficial to the environment, it will benefit you personally as well. The products that we use are safe for both children and pets therefore there is no need to keep them off your rugs for any amount of time. If you have question or concerns about the products, our staff is always happy to help.

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